Scary and Damaged

Grey’s Anatomy is currently my favorite T.V. show and Sunday night’s episode was no exception. Certainly the main story line poked at some of my own issues, but it was Meredith’s conversation with McVet towards the end of the show that really hit home.

McVet had tagged Meredith as “scary and damaged.” It’s appropriate for those who have been deeply wounded–whatever the source. It is appropriate for me. I never had any clue that grief would be what it has been for me, that it would pervade EVERY corner of my existence, that I, too, would become scary and damaged. Some days I scare myself, some days I scare my husband. Most days I feel the damaging effects of my mom’s death just past 2 years ago.

I appreciate this phrase and the air time it got Sunday night. Scary and damaged…aren’t we all.


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