Using My Degree…

I graduated with my Master of Divinity today. Even have the piece of paper that says so. But there are those out there wondering why I’m not using my degree. I’m trying to get beyond the place where that frustrates me. I use my degree–and the things I learned while I was at Campbell–every day. Just because I don’t work in a church doesn’t mean I’m not “using my degree.” Not to mention the fact that most people wouldn’t really want me to work in church. Not really. Oh, they may think that they do. But they don’t. They’re not really ready for me, for my thoughts, for my theology. And most people have no idea.

Besides, my M.Div. is more than a piece of paper that says I punched the ticket and fulfilled all the requirements to get that piece of paper. My M.Div is an education, an experience, a way of life. I just wish more people could understand that.


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