I have a nomadic spirit…and at least once a year…usually about this time, I need to go. I need to travel to a new place and experience new cultures and new people. I need to see more of this world. I’m not sure where the next place should be…or when I will get to go there. For now, I have to relegate my travels to books that take me to far off places and introduce me to other cultures. It’s not quite what I had in mind…because there’s nothing like the real thing.

I don’t really know where the nomad in me stems from…neither can I tell you about the Slav that lives within. I have no idea where either originated, but they are there and from time to time, they clamor for my attention.

And some days, I wish I had done more…seen more…experienced more than I did before I settled down into wifedom (thought I truly LOVE that role and wouldn’t trade it for anything)…but then, that comes from the rearview of hindsight. Fortunately, I have a willing travel partner…just not enough vacation time to get away as much as we would like.


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