go play

last saturday, al and i got the chance to spend the day together…sort of an impromptu “al and mary day” – and a much needed one at that. we finally got him his mountain bike, which took several hours, but was a lot of fun…he was like a kid at christmas. should have been since it very quickly wiped out a backlog of gifts my slack ass had for him…we thought about going to the flea market to see if we might find some treasures for our new house but it was late in the afternoon and we really didn’t have time to look. not wanting to waste such a beautiful day, i suggested we spend as much of the afternoon as we could outside…so we went to lake johnson and walked the 3 miles around it.
i realized that day that i want to reclaim my inner child who spent very little of her time outside playing…or playing any kind of sport. i’m sure in the near future, i too will purchase a bike…and i really hope to purchase a kayak so i can take it out on the many lakes in the area. ultimately, i just want to spend more time outside playing. i didn’t do much of that as a child…my family wasn’t a very active one and we didn’t do much in the realm of “play.” it is an unfortunate truth and one i want very much to correct. most of us don’t spend enough time playing whatever form that may take. i want to correct that, too. so here’s to the great outdoors and the many hidden places we can all go play.

oh! and if those weren’t enough…the evening culminated in the best concert i have been to to date…billy joel live at the rbc center. those hands are older than when he started but they can still move across the keyboard like nobody’s business


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