just a bus driver

monday was my first day back on campus for lab in two weeks (ah, spring break)…and my first day back since i should have heard something regarding admissions. it was hard to walk to the building where my class meets and i found myself driving the bitter bus part of the way there. what’s the point? i asked myself. i have done everything i can think of to try to get into this program and…well…it could be that no one has heard (even though the chair told us that those who were accepted would know within that first week after the interview) or that i am on the bubble…in typical march madness fashion. i am still hopeful…but that hope is clouded by doubt. still not sure what plan b is…still don’t know if i should formulate that yet…still waiting. though my waiting is not as agonizing as it has been…

in other news on waiting, we learned that we were waiting for the town of apex to install a meter at our house…and then they could finish up the rest of the construction…and then we could close within a day of doing that…so we may actually get to close this week after all…and move on saturday…then again, we may not….to be continued.

and i have to say, going to a tropical location later this summer is a powerful motivation for getting my butt in the gym a little more and eating a little less…


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