i don’t like the library

strange coming from a bibliophile…but.

i gave up buying books for lent. painful. like telling my husband he can’t have coffee for 40 days. so i’m relegated to the public library…which is not altogether a bad thing. they have all their stuff on-line and you can check out the catalog before going so you make a worthwhile trip rather than going for a book that’s not there. you can even renew books online…yay. so i went online and looked for several books in which i am interested in reading…most of them were not in or were on order. so i put my name in to hold them. which also can be done online. and then they email to say the books are in…great.


you get a brand new book that’s 357 pages long and is really great (the bastard of istanbul…check it out…no pun intended) but at this point, it’s a 7 day loan. i have to return it tomorrow…and i’m only halfway through. of course…if it’s late in the day tomorrow, it will still be tomorrow…

can i do it? can i really finish this great book in less than 24 hours?


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