gods and institutions

i’d seen it many times before…people being hurt by the institutions (and/or individuals) who claim to be God’s representatives here on earth. that is usually what keeps people out of church, by the way…those of us who so often misrepresent Christ. and then it hit really close to home last week.

i am tired of people/institutions “representing” Christ in ways that do not reflect the Christ i see in scripture. for baptists especially who tout sola scriptura when it’s convenient or when they are trying to make a point…yet they don’t seem to really read that which they carry as their banner. now, i freely admit that i am not the foremost on biblical scholarship, nor do i know the ins and outs of God. at the same time, i do try to represent Christ in a way that, hopefully, is a truer representation…because just as those who seek to be rescued from Christ’s followers, i too am tired of how the institution and the individuals therein treat people who are honestly trying to figure this whole thing out.


in other news, i did experience an institutional worship experience that was diverse in as true a sense as i have seen in a long time. sunday of course was palm sunday and there was much rejoicing in worship. i also am proud to say that i attend a church that includes within it churches from several different ethnic groups: chinese, farsi, african. all of those churches worshiped together this past sunday morning and it was beautiful. it wasn’t a showcase, at least not as much as it typically is when you incorporate that many ethnic groups. it was a worship experience that was the most inclusive i have seen lately. a sharp contrast to the exclusivity i watched last week. two thumbs up for those who planned that service. it was a microcosm of what i think it will be like when we as a resurrected people are worshiping together before the God who made us all the unique and different creatures we are.


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