brains and guts

i was part of a conversation last week about men, women, gender roles and stereotypes and the discussion went to the fact that men tend to stay in the intellect and women tend to stay in the gut (it is the truer seat of emotion, folks) and never the twain shall meet, either internally or externally. it’s simply not ok to do so. ironically enough, the convergence of the two is where each of us becomes wholly one.

it hit me (as the undertow often does) that i (and yes i am still a woman) have spent much of the last three years in my intellect way more than my gut. those who don’t know me well are surprised to find out that i am a feeler on the MBTI. anyway. it occurred to me that probably the reason for that is this: it’s what helps me get through the day. honestly, if i stayed in my gut, i’d be an emotional pool on the floor more often than not. and while i am much more willing to be the weepy chick (thanks tm), i’m pretty tired of feeling the pain.


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