me, too

i had lunch yesterday with a dear friend whom i’d not seen in awhile and it was great to gather at the table, toast our soup spoons and catch up for a little bit.

we have a lot in common, she and i…both in who we are and in things with which we struggle and in common losses and experiences of grief. and i’ve learned that those are the people with whom i really need to spend time right now…whether we talk about those painful things or not…because the bond is there, the understanding is there and nothing needs to be said about any of it because we know. and when it is said, the common feeling is something like…”me, too”

so we shared recent events and happenings, good and bad, difficult and wonderful. and i think we both came away with a sense that we’d been in the other’s sacred, most holy space…even if it was only for a few minutes.


2 thoughts on “me, too

  1. boy, the meal table is a holy place these days, isn’t it? can’t wait to share it with you soon

  2. i have to say that is one of the most beautiful blogs I have read! so simple, yet so meaningful. It is making me think about where sacred places have been in my life! wow!

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