change of focus

so i just registered for my first marathon. for those of you questioning my sanity, note that i did not say “i just registered to run my first marathon.” i hope to run a good chunk of it, but i’m certain i will walk a fair amount, too. and i’m ok with that.

i started training this past week after our return from mexico and it’s nice to have an actual goal for working out…beyond the usual of stress relief and general health. in fact, it feels good to be focusing on what my body can do instead of how it looks. really good.

so if you have nothing better to do on sunday, november 4, beginning at 7:00 am…line the route and cheer us (yes, us…al is doing it too and so’s robin) on. we’ll be out there for awhile. but we all hope to finish in 6 hours or less…

to be continued…


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