politics as usual

i really have to say…i’m pretty pissed off about recent foreign policy decisions (ultimatums?)…one in particular. i agree that things need to change…DRASTICALLY…in myanmar. i am by no means opposed to sanctions and pressuring the junta in order to effect change in that country. i stand in solidarity with the buddhist monks who are leading the way in protest. the action our president has taken this week in that situation is not what hacks me off. it’s the LACK of action taken by the administration over darfur, which has been going on longer, is more wide scale and truly has pissed americans off to the point they have to do something about it on the grassroots level. w has said this week that americans are angered by the situation in southeast asia. i would say that we have been angered more by darfur…and for longer. quite frankly, most americans probably had not heard of myanmar before this week, let alone had any concept of the goings on in that country.

don’t get me wrong. i support action for BOTH places, and others where human rights are violated. but DON’T…DON’T EVER put words in my mouth or actions to my alleged feelings about any place. and if you’re going to take action, then don’t pick and choose…do it for everyone because it’s the right thing to do.


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