A Red Dress and the Cross

I have a red dress necklace that I wear regularly…it’s for heart disease in women and the Go Red for Women Campaign.

I have a Celtic cross necklace that I rarely ever wear.

It occurred to me recently that I would much rather wear the red dress necklace in the hopes that people will ask about it and I will have the opportunity to talk about the Red Dress Campaign than to talk about a Celtic cross and the faith it represents.

I think it’s because I have been more profoundly, more deeply impacted by heart disease than I have by Jesus.

Is it that Jesus has been watered down by the church, suffocated by our own levels of comfort? What motivates us to pursue Jesus? Why the heck do we keep going to church Sunday after Sunday? Are we Jesus-followers or church-goers (thanks for that one, Al!)? What will make the difference for me to be a true Jesus-follower? How can I follow the Jesus portrayed by the church? How can I follow someone I don’t really even know?


2 thoughts on “A Red Dress and the Cross

  1. Interesting question… I am pretty sure how I would answer those questions, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve more reflection on my end! perhaps we should be telling people that the gods aren’t angry???

    Sadly, I have no red dress…soooo… hmmm…maybe I should get one so I can share that “good news”…for perhaps I seem to have stumbled upon the same problem of apathy yet with no other outlet. I do have One.org tho… hmm white doesn’t get as many questions tho!

  2. It is an interesting question. . . .

    . . . however, I think the two are linked and can’t be seperated. You have been deeply touched by heart disease . . . but b/c you’ve been deeply touched by Jesus you want to be sure to educate people about heart disease. . . to love them enough to tell them about it.

    That’s Christ in action.

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