Solidarity is Carolina Blue

So I finally broke down and added some Carolina blue to my wardrobe yesterday. I did it not for a new athletic allegiance or the eve of the Big Dance. I did it to stand in solidarity with so many others across so many campuses in our state and probably elsewhere…to stand in solidarity with the family and friends of Eve Carson as her memorial service was yesterday afternoon at UNC. Students from colleges and universities across the state wore Carolina blue in her memory. We did it because we believe in something greater than our athletic programs and loyalties. We did it because we believe this world has become an increasingly violent place and that must change. We did it because we recognize the loss of a beautiful life and that we are all vulnerable. We did it because life is fragile.

I haven’t read or heard what Eve’s father said at her funeral in her hometown, but I hear it brings you to tears. It was prophetic and hopeful that this generation will bring about change in the rate of violence…that this generation will promote peace in new ways in response to senseless acts of violence committed against young people in places where they should feel safe. May it be so.