Ignorance is…not bliss

A couple of weeks ago, I was behind a car with an array of bumper stickers on the back. I was behind said car at a stop light and had the (un)fortunate opportunity of reading the stickers. In the top right corner was one that read, “I learned everything I need to know about Islam on 9/11”

There was a Blackwater sticker in the bottom right corner.

I know that people really think that way…but maybe I’m still an optimist because some days it really is kinda shocking. It’s always bothersome.

When will we get past ourselves and our ability to churn out materiel and mercenaries and move on to gathering around the table and having conversations?

Oh wait. Maybe that will happen when we find some other money making industry besides war. Of course, that assumes that the next big money maker won’t take advantage of the rest of the world.


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