The Devil Made Me Do It

In our Bible study tonight, we talked about the workings of Satan and spiritual warfare and what we think/believe about all that. Yes, scripture was involved, too.

In looking at the passage in Matthew when Jesus is tempted by Satan in the desert, I have to wonder if that passage speaks to Jesus’ humanity. Certainly, I believe we have over-deified the person of Christ. We tend to neglect the fact that Jesus was also human…for whatever reason. Perhaps, in this story, Jesus is struggling with himself, with who he truly was as the Son of God and the Son of Man. Perhaps he was trying to figure out who he was going to be. To be sure, 40 days in the desert–which isn’t a pleasant place to hang out–without food and water takes its toll on the human body. While Jesus was fully divine, he was also limited by a fully human body. I have to wonder if Maslow’s hierarchy started to kick in and the drive to meet the basic human needs of sustanance wasn’t part of the equation. And maybe ALL of Jesus’ mentionings about Satan speak to his humanity. I haven’t really looked closely at those at this point.

Some of the other conversation centered around where we started (as in…where created order started) and where we were intended to go. Maybe we didn’t start out in the Garden of Eden. Maybe the creation story was the narrative formulated by the Hebrew people to explain where they started…maybe we didn’t start out so perfectly…and maybe the goal was to only go up from there. Humans certainly have a need to explain the things that don’t quite make much sense…even if we have to create a hole just for that notion and shove it in to make it fit.

Finally, the question that needs to be thrown in is this: how do you define evil and what do you determine to be its source?

I don’t know if there really was a logical flow to this post…I don’t know if these things make you uncomfortable. I have to say that if any of this helps you to consider the possibility…whether you change how you view these things…then I accomplished something by writing it. You all should know by now that I live comfortably in the gray.


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