Let’s Talk About It

I want to start this one with a disclaimer…I am not writing any of this to be critical…just to make an observation…

It occurred to me this weekend, in a way I could articulate, that the conservative mindset is very compartmentalized. They typically don’t make the next logical leap in their thinking, which means their thinking tends to be contradictory at times.

If we’re going to talk about homosexuality and homosexual unions destroying the sanctity of marriage, then let’s also talk about the divorce rate and the rate of extramarital affairs.

If we’re going to talk about the sanctity of life as an argument against abortion, then let’s also talk about capital punishment and gun control laws.

To connect any one of those things to those larger issues and not consider the others as well creates an illogical syllogism and doesn’t really deepen the conversation on any of them. In fact, it only serves to further divide.


One thought on “Let’s Talk About It

  1. Nice list of books. I think Irving is getting a little too clever and formulaic in his old age, don’t you? Not like the days of Garp and Cider House Rules, which I don’t see on your list though I understand its absence. The Master and Margarita jumps out from that bunch. I love it.

    Whatever ministry you have, you give people of faith (not myself, I’m afraid) a good name.

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