A Shoe for Women

We’ve all heard by now about the Iraqi reporter who threw his shoes at W. What wasn’t as widely reported was what he said when he threw them. “This is from the widows, the orphans and those who were killed in Iraq.”

Well this post is for the women of Iraq and one in particular.

A women’s rights activist was beheaded this week. Not because she committed a crime and was convicted, but because some men decided she needed to die. So they killed her in her home. And it made the news. But of the story posted (which was led the top 10 stories viewed on CNN.com), only 2-3 paragraphs were devoted to her. The rest was a platform for the story of the potential coup that was thwarted this week…that wasn’t really a coup…but people were arrested for starting a coup…but it wasn’t a coup.

“In all times, the advancement of women has been an important factor in the civilization of a people. The intellectual development of the native population cannot rapidly advance if women are left behind in the process.” (source unknown)

For Iraq, or any nation for that matter, to truly move forward, it cannot leave its women behind.


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