Operation Shamrock has begun

Sort of.

I was convinced to run the City of Oaks 1/2 marathon in 2007. It was my first race ever…and it was followed up a couple of weeks later with the Turkey Trot 8K. And I haven’t run a race since…not because I haven’t wanted to, but because my schedule was crazy and I wasn’t able to consistently train or because things were so up in the air with the adoption process that I never knew when we’d be leaving.

But now we’re back. And I’m back to training for the Yuengling Shamrock 1/2 Marathon in VA Beach. And I have company for the race.

I started officially training last week. Folks, I gotta tell you, when you are generally an active person and then you just kind of hang out for 6 weeks, trying to get back in the groove is UGLY. The first day back (a week before training officially started) I couldn’t even run 10 minutes. Thankfully, that is not a current stat. Last Saturday, I was able to do my long run and felt like I could have kept going. But with the fun weather this week (otherwise known as the Blizzard of ’09), it hasn’t been great. I’m still planning on the long run in the morning, though.

After the City of Oaks (in which I ran/walked), my goal for my next one was to run the full distance. Screw speed. That will be the focus for my third one. Let’s face it: I. Am. SLOW.

Of course, Al says I have to get in a marathon before my next birthday. Just because he did one before he turned 30.

We’ll see about that.

For now, training for the Shamrock 1/2 is plenty enough. I’m hoping to actually keep you updated as I go…you know, motivation and self-monitoring and all…

Oh, and if you have any fun green wear that you think would be good for race day, let me know. I mean it. Really.


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