Why You Should Pay Attention

I met a good friend for coffee today at Starbucks…in Fuquay. Those of you who know anything about Fuquay know this is a step in the cosmopolitan direction. It’s also an interesting cultural dichotomy…er…I mean…experience.

Then I paid attention to where the Starbucks is located…and I’m still laughing about it. It is in front of the Tractor Supply Co. and across the street from Aldi.

Just goes to show you that when you stop to pay attention to where you are and what you’re doing, you might find something you appreciate…or at least find humorous.


One thought on “Why You Should Pay Attention

  1. Oh Starbucks. And Fuquay. I’m always terrified of mispronouncing that one.

    I vote for adding “mother” to who you are 🙂

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