I’ll Never Be A Centerfold

I hate summer. It’s hot, it’s humid (at least in the southeast), and women everywhere are expected to look good in a bathing suit…and are somehow less human if they don’t.

I do love the fresh produce summer brings, however. But no matter how much I consume of summer’s bounty, I (at least I’m currently convinced) will never…ever…look like a centerfold. No matter how many miles I run or Strike! classes I go to, it’s not going to happen. Not ever.

Good thing I have days where I’m a badass. Because at the end of the day, I’d prefer that to being a pretty little flower.


One thought on “I’ll Never Be A Centerfold

  1. nice…I’ll never look like one either, so I hear ya:/ But I’m not even a bad ass… Well, crap…I’m in limbo!

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