I Feel Pretty…I Feel…Pretty…Please Can I Have Plastic Surgery?

I’ve said for awhile that people in my field (and those similar to it) will have all kinds of job security…mainly because parents won’t stop screwing up their children. The latest: children and adolescents are undergoing plastic surgery–that their parents approve and pay for.

Now. Some of these procedures are legitimate cleft palate kinds of things. No problem there. Those are medically necessary procedures…WAY more than they have a cosmetic basis.

But the 16 year old girl who had lipo on her calves or the teenage cheerleader who had a breast augmentation that took her from an A cup to a D? (The latter because she thought that’s what boys found attractive at the time.)


The excuse…I mean…explanation is that parents don’t want their kid to be picked on by their peers. NEWSFLASH: Even if you fix your child’s nose, someone will still pick on them for something.

Instead of teaching your child about positive self-esteem/body image…and coping skills…you are feeding the everyone-has-to-look-perfect machine…and teaching your kids: Problem? We’ve got a surgery for that.

Remember, I’m not ranting about legitimate procedures that improve the child’s physical well-being (in addition to their emotional well-being). Things like a breast reduction on a teenager who has back problems (as well as self-esteem problems because boys never look her in the face) is acceptable.

We do a terrific job at sending messages that are damaging to people’s body image and self-esteem as it is. Can’t we at least find a way to teach our children that there’s a better (albeit harder) way to overcome those messages?


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