Judge Not…Lest You Prove Yourself a Fool

I went to the gym to run this morning. It being late June in North Carolina, it’s either run there or pass out from heat stroke. As I was stretching, I looked in on one of the classes and saw a woman with whom I’d taken other classes previously.

Now, to look at this woman, the more judgmental would think “she needs to work on her belly.” The least judgmental would applaud her for being there to improve her health. What the uninformed observer doesn’t know is that this woman recently had a baby. I know that, not because I know her personally, but because she was pregnant during those classes we took together. Really pregnant. Like 8 months pregnant. And now she’s back after having burst forth new life from the same body she was using in that fitness class this morning.

I recently had a conversation about wearing a bikini vs. not. The person with whom I was having this conversation is wearing bikinis more and more these days. By the way, she is nearing 35 and looks great. Were she and I to wear a bikini and be at the pool or on the beach next to one another, people would likely think she looks good after having a child…and wonder when mine was due.

What the uninformed observer (who probably thinks that just because I can, doesn’t mean I ought to) doesn’t know is that my body has trained for and completed two half marathons–a feat my counterpart will likely never do. (She thinks people who enjoy training for and running long distances are kinda nutty…and she’s not alone.)

What the uninformed observer won’t take into account is that we both have capable, strong bodies. Mine just disguises it better.

And so some uninformed observers will likely pass judgment. And prove themselves to be fools.


2 thoughts on “Judge Not…Lest You Prove Yourself a Fool

  1. I love it, Mary. I secretly cheer for everyone I see at the gym, whether they look fit or not, because I’m just happy they’re there and I’m there and we’re working hard. I love telling people that I’ve done marathons – plural! – just to see what they think, and to help them see that they too can do it.

    No bikinis for me unless I somehow stop loving pasta and chocolate… but I am seriously thinking I need to make a 1/2 marathon a goal for this fall… what do you think?

  2. I hear ya! beauty is in the eye of…blah blah. From a guy who is trying to lose weight standpoint, it’s all relative, and we should be avoiding vanity and discouraging it (as per your plastic surgery post) it in our children. I mean it’s stupid anyway… back in the day, having meat on your bones made you attractive because it meant you had $ and led a life of leisure. We forget standards change, bodies change, tastes change, and well… we all get older and have to adapt!

    you can still kick my tail at…well anything, so u r still my hero!
    nice new blog look BTW!


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