Phase 1 is done

And I’m kinda getting braver about my body. So I’m actually going to include before and now pictures. Bear in mind…these before pictures were taken about a year ago. We didn’t have time to actually take before pictures a month ago. I did start with the usual body measurements…and I’ll give you a bit of an update on that, too.

*****Disclaimer: If you are expecting a dramatic transformation into a supermodel, might as well stop here. I’m just showing you where I’m at right now…compared to…well…a year ago. But there wasn’t much that changed over that year. I assure you.*****


End of Phase 1


End of Phase 1


End of Phase 1

I actually followed this food plan…more than I usually do when I follow a food plan…and for longer. I also still have my food/exercise journal going. And I’m looking forward to moving to Phase 2 and getting more carbs back in my life (remind me to tell you about the tortilla chips out for sample at Whole Foods and how trying one was truly an orgasmic experience). At the same time, I’m kinda nervous about the return of the carbs. I know they’re there to help with the added intensity of the workouts in Phase 2, but I have come to realize that they really are the devil for most people. And I’m hoping that I will continue to see the kind of results I have already seen with this…which means I have to trust the process. Right?

And for the numbers: I have lost about 3 pounds (based on when I was at the doctor in March…again…didn’t get in the before weight) and 4.75 inches overall…and that IS based on before measurements from one month ago. When it comes to the scale, we took it out of our bathroom for Al to weigh some packages he was shipping…and never put it back. Once I stopped weighing myself on a daily basis (which can be good in some ways…but not for me anymore), I actually started evaluating my body differently…and developed a better relationship with my body (which was part of the reason for my tattoo…).

So that’s where I’m at here at the end of Phase 1. We’ll see what Phase 2 has in store.

Oh, and that recovery week thing? That week where you get to do things like yoga and core synergistics? That’s no recovery. That is way BEYOND active recovery.

But I can crank out some crazy ass push-ups.


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