As Is: Unearthing Commonplace Glory

It’s the title of Krista Finch’s musings on life as it is, with all its busyness, velocity, brokenness and beauty.

“Life is a broken jumble of failure, defeat, and unsettled-ness” (p. 35)

And yet…

Finch has uncovered awareness of life as it is–something of which many of us are unaware. We aren’t in touch with nor do we think about the best parts of life. Caught up in the daily grind of work, family, bills, dishes, laundry, what have you, we often neglect our inner selves. We lose our muchness and forget who we really are in the midst of all the noise. Drowning out the noise, however, is a nearly impossible task. Finch reminds us that despite our best efforts, we may only be able to take in a few brief moments. But even in those moments, we can be fully alive.

This book doesn’t exactly beg to be a treat on which you nibble day by day, though it should be read that way. As Is would make a great source for daily reading, devotion or musing and may spark in the reader something new to consider. Finch’s writing is low on the God factor (making her appealing to readers such as myself) but remains holy in its depth of awareness and understanding. Although I blew through this book to make some deadlines and move on to other books I need to read, I highly recommend savoring As Is over the course of time. And then putting it on your shelf to come back to later.

“And this is life…life unfinished, noisy, as is. The very best we can hope for here and now” (p. 32-33)


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