Plan B

I wish someone would have told me at div school orientation that we should all consider having a plan B. Because for some of us, div school was the end of the educational line—and that was a good thing. Others of us thought it would be, but our trajectories changed and we changed and our plans changed. And those things are also good things, but we graduated as one-trick ponies. With no plan B. And no clarity on how to get a plan B other than that we needed to go back to school.

But for what?

I see many former classmates headed toward the MSW route. It’s a good route. And you’ll spend as much time in that program as you did in div school.

Some of us are choosing the PhD route. And no matter which field, you’re looking at another 4-6 years of school.

Some days I wonder if we’d have all been better off becoming doctors since we’re in school longer than most of them. But then I consider my dislike of science and utter inability to succeed in math and reconsider.

Maybe I should have gotten my teaching certificate in undergrad. Sure, the pay’s not great, but you don’t go into ministry for the money.


2 thoughts on “Plan B

  1. I love reading your story Mary. I wish I knew everyone’s story about how they ended up where they are, how they feel about it, etc.. You make me think about all sorts of things when I read your blog and I like that.

  2. This has been a great series BTW!!

    I am so with you on the PLAN B part. Dude, they had the chance to tell me in undergrad AND Div. School. If I were to speak in chapel @ Campbell (and I’m sure they will never ask me), I would love to tell the people in school right now what reality is like. I wish someone would have done it to me!

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