Nine Two Oh

A few weeks ago now, I completed a for real series of P90X. With the exception of the last phase where I was pushed off the wagon by attending a conference during which the food selection and workout opportunities left a lot to be desired, I did pretty well with the food thing–and mostly OK with keeping a food journal.

Even with the brief stint off the wagon, I still managed to make progress:

That was from the end of phase 1 to the end of phase 3.

I’m not done yet, though. I certainly made more progress with P90X than I have with anything else I’ve tried.

And I’ve tried lots of things.

Unfortunately, I’m fighting against my own genetic code. People, I’m an ox. I’m flexible enough to do yoga and make it look good, but I’m an ox. Or a small tank. And I’m predisposed to carry a bunch of fat. Thankfully, I inherited my father’s vascular system to combat the negative effects of some extra padding. But the extra padding needs to go. For me, though, it’s a Sisyphian task.

In the midst of P90X this summer, I’ve also been working on getting faster as a runner. After running a 9:20 mile yesterday (which is a light jog for most of you), I can tell my efforts are starting to pay off. And I will continue that process–especially as I begin training for a “fast” (remember, I’m an ox) 10k at the end of October. If my own will doesn’t propel me to the finish line in under an hour (remember, I’m an ox), perhaps the Blue Moon at the finish line will.

And so, dear reader, on Monday it all starts: P90X and fast 10k training. Me and Sisyphus. Together again.


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