A Pelican for a Pelican

Dear BP,

I want to congratulate you on your successful capping of the oil well—and even getting a little cement in there. I just hate that it took so long the spill became five times that of Exxon Valdez.

I am encouraged by the dispersion of oil in the water and thankful that there are microbes to help you fix what you broke. And I am hopeful that what you say in your advertising these days is true—that you will be there to clean up the mess and restore the area.

Given the location, good luck with total restoration.

I’m not even sure how you put a price tag on all that. The US government certainly couldn’t post-Katrina—which people are still working to restore.

But perhaps a price tag—at least in some respects—isn’t what’s needed. How do you put a price tag on a pelican? A dolphin? Any number of fish? Shrimp? Other wildlife in the Gulf?

That’s almost like asking you to put a price tag on your own child.

You kinda can’t do it.

But what you can do, BP, is give us a pelican for a pelican. A dolphin for a dolphin. A one for one replacement into the ecosystem that you have destroyed for the foreseeable future. You’ll still come out all right in the end on that one—for the body count will likely never be exact. But replacing what we CAN count is a good faith start.

In addition to plugging the dang leak.


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