Lean Forward

On one of the morning shows this morning, they touted today as the day for “Control of Power.”

If that’s what an election is about–power–then I think we’ve seriously lost sight of what our government was designed to do. And why we elect people to begin with.


I don’t want to hand out power. I don’t want people to vie for power. I don’t want this partisan competition in Congress to see who can get the most seats or look across the aisle and shout, “Nanny nanny boo boo.” Because if that’s what we’re doing on election day, we might as well send all the candidates to an adult daycare facility and let them duke it out on the playground.


What elections are really about is selecting individuals to represent us, the people. Not the interests of lobbyists or a political party that doesn’t really exist–or parties that do. And the people can all agree that the economy is taking longer to recover than any of us would like. The people can all agree that jobs are scarce. The people can all agree that healthcare still needs work. The people can all agree that immigration is an issue to be addressed. The people can all agree that we need clean energy.


OK…maybe not so much those last two.


The point is that we don’t need to spend all our time and effort leaning right or left but leaning, as MSNBC suggests, forward. We need to have people who are interested enough in moving our country forward representing us in our respective state capitals and in DC. Not people who are interested in power and special interest groups. Not people who are going to perpetuate policies of the past that moved is backwards and sideways.


I did go out and lend my voice to a forward leaning and…well…sane ballot. I did my part, self-defeating though it feels like it was.


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