Open to Grace

There’s something powerful about turning the page to a new year. It makes us want to start over or start something new or clean our or simplify or all of the above. We feel this pull in a way that’s more powerful than the pull of Monday morning calling us back to the good food/diet wagon…more powerful than the pull of a new month or new season…more powerful than even celebrating one’s birth. I’m convinced there’s something built into our rhythm of being–if we’ll allow ourselves to pay attention to it–that prompts us to want to make a change of some sort…really make a change. We’re more open to the process of change at this time of the year. That’s why USA Today and other newspapers are printing a series on health and weight loss, why gyms are crowded, why people are writing more on their blog or reading more of their book stack, why people seek more organization or clean our their pantries or that pesky closet where we all just throw stuff in and close the door really fast.

In my first yoga class of the new year, Lydia encouraged us to set our intention for the new year. If you’re like me, this whole 2011 thing just sort of showed up unexpectedly–well, earlier than expected–and you haven’t had time to even consider what your change will be or what intention to set (or maybe you’re still in the process of doing so). And so I went with the first principle of Anusara, which is to open to grace. Open to the possibility of becoming more, open to the possibility of becoming new, of trying new things or things that require more courage than perhaps we think we might have. And opening to the grace that allows us to step into the newness or the unknown, but take a step back again when we need to…to the grace that gives us permission to try, but to be gentle with ourselves when we find that we’re not quite where we want to be. Yet.

And that grace will allow us to keep trying again, to keep making things new, to keep turning the page on a new day that is open to possibility–regardless of whether we are starting at 1/1/11 or some point later.


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