Fair, Equal…or Corporate

Usually, I count up the total number of bowl games that are played this time of year. Because I think it’s ridiculous that there are usually at least 30 and that all a team has to do is win 6 games in a season to be bowl eligible. It kinda diminishes the whole bowl game playing process. And then I realized just how steeped in corporate world college football really is. Hence the names of these crazy games: GoDaddy.com Bowl, uDrove Humanitarian Bowl, Beef O’Brady’s Bowl, San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl, Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl, Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl (I guess they have more money than the Gaylord Hotels do), and the list goes on. And then there are the big BCS games with a corporate sponsor leading the way: Discover Orange Bowl, Tostitoes Fiesta Bowl, Allstate Sugar Bowl…with the Rose Bowl holding out and keeping their name ahead of Vizio.

Somewhere between 35 and 40 bowl games. Seriously.

And then there’s this issue: Ohio State players who were suspended for the first 5 or so games of the next season still got to play their bowl game (Sorry, Hogs). And Cam Newton was kicked out of Florida for cheating (allegedly among other things) but QB’s for Auburn and will play for a national championship. Meanwhile, some of those kids over at UNC (and you know how I feel about UNC) will NEVER again be eligible for playing in the NCAA over something so minor the university felt it was a non-issue in terms of their honor code, but didn’t fly according to the NCAA.

It can be fair, it can be equal…or it can be the money maker that covers a multitude of sins.

I can’t tell you how many times towards the end of this college football season that I threatened to quit football. Because it’s no longer about the game. It’s about the money that’s made from the game. And there’s something truly criminal about that.


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