How did I miss out on cotillion?

What in the hell IS cotillion, anyway?

Growing up, I was part of this cohort of kids who all went to church together, lived not far from one another and were in roughly the same economic bracket. I didn’t live close to any of them. I didn’t go to the same school as most of them…until high school. I definitely wasn’t in the same economic bracket.

But I kept hearing about this damn cotillion mess. And no one ever bothered to include me in the conversation or tell me what the frick it was.

A little research in the interwebs, though, and regardless of HOW I missed out on that fancy schmancy nonsense, I’m OK with having done so.

Cotillion is all about etiquette–like really fancy etiquette reserved for dinner with the President–and learning how to dance. And buying fancy clothes to attend Cotillion to be able to practice all this fancy stuff.

I would love to hear from graduates how they use those skills now. Apart from sitting down to a meal at a table instead of a food trough and knowing what a fork is for.

I’m sure there are still those Southern debutantes who rule the roost when it comes to entertaining and having everything just so.

The rest of it can be left to protocol officers.

Because, really? Why should we care?

Of course, taking cotillion might fast track your career as a protocol officer. Perhaps you can go straight to a job after graduating from cotillion.

If so, I say go for it.


One thought on “How did I miss out on cotillion?

  1. Job? JOB?

    Oh, you mean helping organize a quarterly charity ball.

    For a minute there I thought you forgot about Daddy’s money. Silly girl.


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