The Annual Mother’s Day Review

Since I’m forced into Mother’s Day on an annual basis, I thought I’d work to embrace it a little more this year. Here’s what that got me:

I actually went to church…and I’m pleased to say it wasn’t bad. My church doesn’t go all out for holidays of the Hallmark variety, and I’m thankful. There was a baby dedication, but it was sweet and very well done. And in the service I didn’t go to (but could hear through the closed office door).

We finally got out of church and went to lunch with the most local parts of the family. The pizza was good. My M-I-L not giving me enough credit for being an adult not so much.

We had the in-laws over for a spell this afternoon–mainly because we didn’t take the gift with us for the mother-in-law. Things were going along until I found it…

The pool that moved in under our kitchen sink.

Once again, we have a leak. And so Al’s dad got under there and made some suggestions…and then Al got to work on that part.

Meanwhile, I did laundry and grocery shopping and returned home to an uber-frustrated husband. He did take a fun(?) picture at some point in the process…but still. There were choice words for the manufacturer. Because a $5 hose is preternaturally connected to the $200 fixture. And we will likely end up paying the latter amount instead of buying a $5 hose.

He’s still ranting about it.

And I? After I post this mess, I will be tending to the laundry. You know…folding a load and putting another into the dryer.

Happy Freaking Mother’s Day.


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