It Takes Courage

I think parts of me have struggled with this notion of courage for a little while as of late. And it all came together this morning. And again this afternoon.

We lack courage because we fear loss.

And so we try to control this world or find not so constructive ways of coping. Because to accept who we are and the way the world works is tough work. To open ourselves to embrace life head on…to dive in and ride the waves of happiness and pain takes courage.

Realizing that the choices we’ve made for ourselves and inhabiting those choices takes courage.

Often we get stuck in the nitty-gritty…in a quest to be someplace else…or someone else…to be someone important…to be something more…to be smarter, faster, stronger, thinner. Because THEN we’ll be happy.

Chances are, we’ll just be someplace else, someone else, smarter, faster, stronger, thinner, and still not really alive.

“You might as well learn how to pay attention now. How to inhabit the life you’ve chosen. How to take up every inch of your skin. Occupy the space in this body you were given. It’s your place. Only yours.”–Geneen Roth

Perhaps if we are courageous enough to take each moment for what it is, we’ll step into the waves of a life more full.


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