DIY: Chalkboard

I’m in charge of a bridal shower that’s coming up in about 5 weeks and I may be am ridiculously excited about it. I mean I have gotten in touch with parts of me that I didn’t know existed: menu planning and test run to make sure it’s good to go; selecting the invitation (thank you, Etsy vendors); going with a theme; finding ways to serve up the tasty goodness that’s gonna go down; and creating a chalkboard menu.

I’ve seen these in other places–and usually covet the ones I see in people’s houses. Trying to find one and buy it can be crazy expensive. But with all my HGTV and DIYNetwork viewing, I knew CHALKBOARD PAINT existed. Yes. This is a real thing. Because, like Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, you can put that s*** on everything. Tables, walls, and…glass that comes with the frame that comes from your favorite picture frame selling store.

So last weekend, I headed over to my local Target for the frame and Home Depot for the paint (Lowes didn’t carry it–at least according to the interwebs).

I picked a frame that would hold a good ol’ 8×10 picture since I figure this will rest on someone’s counter top and I didn’t need a lot of space. Also, just like the Myth Busters, I like to start small–and marginally to scale.

I waited a few days before trying this out–mostly because everything around here kept getting rained out–or the humidity was at 562%. But Tuesday evening was pretty nice outside and I could at least head down to the garage for some DIY magic. I set up everything down stairs:

The Windex is there to clean the glass from the frame before starting. Everything was laid out on a piece of poster board since I wasn’t getting to crazy with it. That little can that looks like spray paint over there is the chalkboard paint. It also comes in cans like regular paint and you can brush it on. My job wasn’t that big and I didn’t feel like going with the added expense (the can is about twice as much) or hassle (let’s face it–painting is WORK, people. And so’s the clean-up).

I took a picture after the first coat of paint (below) and let everything dry. Upon inspection, I decided to go with a second coat. It was a nice night for leaving the garage door open for a little while hours.

It starts out glossy but dries that nice chalkboard matte.


I actually left everything to sit overnight and moved everything this morning. The nice thing about spray paint is you just put the cap back on the can and store it like you would any spray paint. The poster board is still hanging out in the garage because I’m seriously considering spraying anything that will stand still long enough. Well, maybe not quite.

Add the glass back in the frame (the glass side looks like an awesome sliver of obsidian), and you’re ready to write…anything.

The nice thing about this particular frame is that it is small enough for sitting on a counter (sans easel), has room to write several things (or just a short message) and the frame is wide enough at the bottom for a piece of chalk to rest on it. The chalk and eraser (not pictured) are your run of the mill chalk and eraser and can be found at your local office or teacher supply store.



6 thoughts on “DIY: Chalkboard

  1. Awesome! I love it. You could totally Etsy-fy and sell these. Or make it an Instructible. The Pinterest people would LOVE it. Girlfriend, I have a thousand ideas about all the work *you* could do — in your *spare* time!! Srsly, fab job. : )

  2. Girlfriend! Is there nothing you can’t do! You constantly amaze me! Love you!

  3. So cool! Do you have to “season” it like I’ve heard with the regular chalkboard paint? I didn’t even know they had it in spraypaint form and now my mind is running through all the things I could turn into chalkboards…

  4. All I did was clean the glass with Windex. If you want to do a different kind of surface, you’ll likely have to do some kind of prep (i.e., sand a piece of wood, prime a spot on the wall, etc.). But I could totally see a small kidlet table with a chalkboard top…and maybe a hole or two cut out for small buckets/containers to hold chalk and erasers…

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