Why Be A Christian If No One Goes To Hell?: A Book Review

The title of the book is Why Be a Christian if No One Goes to Hell? Personally, I’ve been asking the first half of that question for about 7 years now. Either way, this book helps to answer both questions.

Daniel Meeter’s primary purpose in this book is not to prove anything but to offer Christianity. Sure, he talks about heaven and hell and provides thoughts on both that you won’t hear many places–but that just might be more biblically sound that what you’ve previously thought. In between, which is where we live anyway, Meeter provides a variety of reasons of why you might want to be a Christian. The bottom line: to live and love in a way that is more fully human, in perhaps the best way possible.

Meeter uses the Nicene and Apostle’s Creeds as a framework for some of his thinking. He also draws on biblical and historical references as he shapes his presentation of why you might consider being a Christian. So much of what Meeter describes follows right in line with much of what I’ve been thinking. At the same time, he does not force the issue. Like Jesus did for the people of his time, Meeter simply puts what this whole Jesus thing is out there for us to consider and perhaps choose. But the choice really is ours. I appreciated that about this book. I also appreciated–perhaps most of all–the ways in which Meeter’s presentation continuously points the reader to God, noting that we (the church we) tend to elevate Jesus to the point where he is the be all and end all. In reality, Jesus always pointed us back to God–in everything he did.

In a word, this book is unconventional. And I really appreciated it–all the way around.

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Cicada: A Book Review

Julie Miller, an investigative journalist, was just trying to take a break from work when she stumbled upon a whole new story. She interrupts a would-be suicide attempt and discovers that there’s a much bigger story, one that involves twists and turns, dirty corporations, dirty cops, human trafficking, and threat’s not only to Julie’s life but also that of people about whom she cares deeply.

Cicada is set in Australia (K. Davies is an Australian writer living in London), and it was fun to read a story set in a place I love–complete with the Australian English. Some of the words or phrases may or may not be familiar to many readers, but they are usually easy to figure out and do not detract from the story. This book is reminiscent somewhat of Steig Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in that Julie is a journalist working on her own to bring down a group of men who treat women in some of the worst ways possible. The two differed, however, in the tightness and depth of plot. Cicada took some time to get into, but held my attention throughout. I did enjoy this book–it was very different from much of what I’ve read recently. It’s an excellent debut novel.

*My apologies to Ms. Davies for taking so long to finish the book and post the review. I’ve been swamped with work–and other books to read and review.


You should know that I received this book for free in exchange for a review on BookBloggers.net. The views expressed here are mine and mine alone.