A Healing Prayer

Dearest God, you hold the secrets of our hearts,

the aches of our wounds, and the brokenness of our past.

You carry us through hardship, and bring us to birth each and every

time we need new beginnings.

You breathe with us and into us in the pain of awakenings,

and let us rage into the dark nights–even and especially when

we rage against you.

Wash over us with your love, invigorate our souls, and give us

strength to rise, again.

Let us be inspired by your Spirit, which

comforts us and reminds us it is always present, in both life’s peaceful breezes

and ravenous flames.

Grace us with the ability to love ourselves completely,

to love you completely,

and make us capable of carrying that love into the world.

We ask this as one human body,

interconnected throughout time, in every culture and race and creed,

woven together with the thread of hope.

Give us the capacity to have faith in ourselves, in others,

and in the world as a whole,

which has the potential to be mended and made whole again,

and always on the precipice of regeneration.

We ask this with you, in you, and by you, as the one

God of all

Now and forever.



From Mending Broken by Teresa Pasquale


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