37 Weeks…and Counting

I have officially crossed over into the home stretch of this pregnancy…the part where Baby W. could arrive really any time.

And I’m ready.

I’m ready to meet this little guy for sure. But I’m also ready for a few other things.

So in case you were wondering, here are the top 10 things I’ve missed while pregnant:

1. Working out like a boss. Running, swimming, Body Pump, spin class, P90Xwhatevernumberwe’reon, getting to do the new stuff I just ordered. You know how I do. I’m down to the elliptical and a some light lifting on the upper body. Unacceptable. Also, my core is completely shot to hell.

2. Snuggling with my husband. This kid’s already coming in between us.

3.  Beer.

4. Wearing real clothes. (There was a time around the end of the first trimester where I proclaimed the virtues and magic of maternity clothes. The only maternity wear of which I’m extolling the virtues this week: panties and bras. And I’m only expecting that to last about 3-4 weeks.)

5. Eating what I want when I want it. Like roast beef sammiches. And prosciutto. And goat cheese. And medium steak/burgers. And even a little sushi here and there.

6. Eating anything and NOT getting heartburn. Never in my life have I consumed so many Tums.

7. Lying on my stomach.

8. Lying on my back.

9. Energy and being able to stay awake later or get up early.

10. The ability to bend/roll over. The struggle is real, y’all.

They keep telling me that I will feel like a whole new person once this new person is outside of me. I’m looking forward to all of that.

But mostly to meeting our Little Buddy.


One thought on “37 Weeks…and Counting

  1. #7, #8, and #10 – LOL!!! So seriously true! That last trimester is incredibly hard! Sounds like you’re nearing the finish line, though. 😀

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