#SustainedOutrage #SubversiveLiving #RandomActs #BYOHashtag

I follow things on the Book of Face. Lots of things. One of them happens to be a page for feminist issues (shocker). The creator of that page has decided that her plan of action until Election Day 2020 is to do one positive or proactive thing each day. The hashtag attached to that action, which appears to be gaining some traction, is #SustainedOutrage. Some of you might not like that hashtag. It might be too aggressive or too…something. So change it up. Call it #SubversiveLiving or #RandomActs or some other hashtag of your choosing. It doesn’t matter what you call it. It only matters that you act daily for the next 1450 days.

Wait…how many days?

Yep. One thousand. four hundred. and fifty days.

Imagine what daily acts of positivity or kindness or action could lead to over the next 1450 days. Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas:

  • Donate money to a cause in which you believe.
  • Donate money more than once…because you probably believe in more than one thing.
  • Put the phone numbers of your elected officials in your phone.
  • Call them. Call them often. Make your voice heard.
  • Bring awareness to issues in a meaningful and respectful way.
  • Volunteer in your community.
  • Do something that shows care for another person.
  • Do something that shows care for the earth.
  • Read things that will expand your thinking or challenge your assumptions and ideas.
  • Have a conversation with someone different from you. (And if you need some help with that right now…because I sure do…and because some of you are dreading family gatherings at Thanksgiving, this TED Talk is uh. mazing. Complete with questions to include in the conversation.)

Do small things. Because it’s more sustainable. Because it’s less overwhelming. Because small things over time become bigger things. Because small steps change things.


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