Are you there, Church? It’s me, Mary

We haven’t gone to church…really gone to church…in quite some time. There was the service last week, but that was more to support and hang out with a friend on staff. We did go to church with Dad on Easter. And I think before that, it was somewhere around Epiphany.

I’m surprised that, in this area, finding a church to which we connect is damn near impossible. At least in Baptist circles. Most of my Baptist folks who struggle with this same issue either don’t go to church at all–like us–or go to a Methodist church.

I have to say…it’s nice to know it’s not just me.

For most of us, once you’ve been to seminary/divinity school, you’re ruined forever when it comes to church. Once you’ve been to seminary/divinity school AND done CPE…you’re pretty much screwed.

I’m really starting to wonder if it’s possible to have an active faith while attending a church. So many of the ones we’ve tried don’t seem to really be concerned about the community here. Some target one population and pat themselves on the back for being accepting of that population. Others focus on the people inside the walls of the church and the whole holiness purity code bullcrap that isn’t worth our time or energy. Come on, people. If we really believe Jesus died for our sins once and for all, why are we so hung up on them? Others might be ok on many fronts, but there’s no one that fits within our peer group. I literally looked at Al one Sunday morning while visiting a church and said, “It smells like a nursing home.” The majority of the people in the pews around us were late 60s and older. I like multi-generational, but I also like a connected peer group.

And so, we continue to sleep in on Sunday mornings…wondering if there’s some place we should try next…thinking we may have to leave our Baptist roots–at least in part–while we live here. Who knows? Maybe we’ll join the exodus to the Methodist church…