Divisions in the Mirror

The notorious shoe-throwing Iraqi journalist was received his sentence in court. And the verdict was met with mixed reactions

What I find interesting is that the sentiments among the Iraqi people regarding the US invasion and occupation of their country oddly mirrors our own. People in both countries oppose the war. People in both countries support it. 

With that kind of division, how can we expect there to be a positive outcome? How can we expect there to be no price to pay…on either end? And how can we help a nation–which we put in their current position–heal and move forward? After all, we started it. Perhaps we should find a way to help finish it.


Pro-Life = Pro-Baby

I started a post on abortion a couple of months ago…and didn’t finish it. But there are a few things I would like to say about the subject.

If you are pro-life, not only are you against abortion, you are also AGAINST capital punishment, nuclear proliferation, war, allowing government systems to continue to allow starvation, rape of the earth and her resources.

If you are pro-life, you are FOR providing resources for pre- and post-natal care for young, un-wed mothers, for providing parent education, for providing emotional support for young single mothers. You will work for having diapers included in WIC approved items ( you know, Women, INFANT, & Children, WIC?). You will work for better nutritional foods to be included in WIC approved items. You are for job training and life-skills training. 

If you are anti-abortion but are not concerned about all of life on this earth, chances are, you are pro-baby. And pro-baby is good. It’s just not enough in my mind.