food for thought

i saw this on a friend’s page tonight and thought it should be shared with even more people. all i could say was wow. all she said was “not one of us is innocent.” what do you think?

That being said…

i am tired. how did i ever have time to work? but things are looking up…and about to get a little crazier. we are going to atl this weekend and that will be good to get away…next weekend i have an interview for a ph.d. program and then 3 days later we close on our new house. i’m excited but not looking forward to packing to move. but shopping for the new house will be most fun!

i don’t think i have ever spent as much time on the internet as i have lately. i much confess that i have been sucked into the wide world of facebook and myspace (though i definitely prefer facebook). it has been good, though, to reconnect with old friends and see where they are and hear their stories. it’s also nice to realize that i have more energy and more energy to put into relationships and other people now. it is amazing how we measure progress. i am still tired and lack the energy i once had, but i don’t know for sure that i will ever get that back anyway. and that’s ok. a very wise man said that as we get older we trade energy for wisdom. now, don’t get me wrong, there are many days i would love to be energetic and blissfully ignorant, but then i wouldn’t be who i am now. wounded though i am, i am a pretty cool person and a much better person by far than i was 3 years ago. it was just a high price to pay to get here.

Thought of love for V-Day

“For one human being to love another, that is perhaps the most difficult of all our tasks, the ultimate, the last test and proof. The work for which all other work is but preparation.”–Rainer Maria Rilke

Got this one from a dear friend and thought it was great…very much like she is.

Happy post day of love.