Nine Two Oh

A few weeks ago now, I completed a for real series of P90X. With the exception of the last phase where I was pushed off the wagon by attending a conference during which the food selection and workout opportunities left a lot to be desired, I did pretty well with the food thing–and mostly OK with keeping a food journal.

Even with the brief stint off the wagon, I still managed to make progress:

That was from the end of phase 1 to the end of phase 3.

I’m not done yet, though. I certainly made more progress with P90X than I have with anything else I’ve tried.

And I’ve tried lots of things.

Unfortunately, I’m fighting against my own genetic code. People, I’m an ox. I’m flexible enough to do yoga and make it look good, but I’m an ox. Or a small tank. And I’m predisposed to carry a bunch of fat. Thankfully, I inherited my father’s vascular system to combat the negative effects of some extra padding. But the extra padding needs to go. For me, though, it’s a Sisyphian task.

In the midst of P90X this summer, I’ve also been working on getting faster as a runner. After running a 9:20 mile yesterday (which is a light jog for most of you), I can tell my efforts are starting to pay off. And I will continue that process–especially as I begin training for a “fast” (remember, I’m an ox) 10k at the end of October. If my own will doesn’t propel me to the finish line in under an hour (remember, I’m an ox), perhaps the Blue Moon at the finish line will.

And so, dear reader, on Monday it all starts: P90X and fast 10k training. Me and Sisyphus. Together again.


Phase Two is Done

You probably aren’t keeping up with this as much as I am, but it’s been another month of P90X…and there are still some good results going on.

In some ways I feel like I need to make some decisions about the food plan going into Phase 3…to follow the Phase 3 plan or to head back to Phase 1. They say people in the test group got frustrated with the lack of progress in Phase 2…but really saw results in Phase 3.  We’ll see what I decide between now and in the morning…and how it goes over the next four weeks.

Phase 1 is done

And I’m kinda getting braver about my body. So I’m actually going to include before and now pictures. Bear in mind…these before pictures were taken about a year ago. We didn’t have time to actually take before pictures a month ago. I did start with the usual body measurements…and I’ll give you a bit of an update on that, too.

*****Disclaimer: If you are expecting a dramatic transformation into a supermodel, might as well stop here. I’m just showing you where I’m at right now…compared to…well…a year ago. But there wasn’t much that changed over that year. I assure you.*****


End of Phase 1


End of Phase 1


End of Phase 1

I actually followed this food plan…more than I usually do when I follow a food plan…and for longer. I also still have my food/exercise journal going. And I’m looking forward to moving to Phase 2 and getting more carbs back in my life (remind me to tell you about the tortilla chips out for sample at Whole Foods and how trying one was truly an orgasmic experience). At the same time, I’m kinda nervous about the return of the carbs. I know they’re there to help with the added intensity of the workouts in Phase 2, but I have come to realize that they really are the devil for most people. And I’m hoping that I will continue to see the kind of results I have already seen with this…which means I have to trust the process. Right?

And for the numbers: I have lost about 3 pounds (based on when I was at the doctor in March…again…didn’t get in the before weight) and 4.75 inches overall…and that IS based on before measurements from one month ago. When it comes to the scale, we took it out of our bathroom for Al to weigh some packages he was shipping…and never put it back. Once I stopped weighing myself on a daily basis (which can be good in some ways…but not for me anymore), I actually started evaluating my body differently…and developed a better relationship with my body (which was part of the reason for my tattoo…).

So that’s where I’m at here at the end of Phase 1. We’ll see what Phase 2 has in store.

Oh, and that recovery week thing? That week where you get to do things like yoga and core synergistics? That’s no recovery. That is way BEYOND active recovery.

But I can crank out some crazy ass push-ups.

I’m molting

Either that, or I’m sprouting chicken wings. Because I’m eating. that. much. freakin’. meat.

Also, I’m growing bunny ears. Because I’m eating that much salad.

Actually, it’s not that terrible. I mean…I’m still not as fond of meat as my carnivorous better half…but I feel better at this point than I did about a week ago when I didn’t think I could put another piece of meat or salad in my mouth.

The good news is that I can already see some pay-off. And the tape measure confirms it.


Week one is done.

Following the food plan for P90X really isn’t as bad as others I’ve done…though it’s tough to consume that much protein. However, we made a fantastic discovery in the neighborhood this week…and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I’d like to give a shout out to the Meat House over on Kildaire. It’s If you like meat. And even if you don’t. Friday night, we had asparagus from there that game marinated…so it went on the grill next to the fresh mahi from Capital Seafood Market. Today, we went back and got MONSTER kebobs (already marinated) for tomorrow night’s dinner…and more asparagus…and a loaf of bread that came over from Stick Boy Bread Co. in Fuquay.  If you’ve never had their stuff, you are missing…well…manna straight from heaven. But beware…you won’t be a stick boy–or girl–for long once you start.

Truth be told, though…I’m kinda tired of eating. But I do like my breakfast smoothie.

Also, I didn’t do official measuring, but there’s a good 1-1.5 inches gone…and that’s just around the middle.

Rewriting history

Last summer I borrowed P90X from my brother-in-law. You know, the one that keeps you up late at night during the infomercial window…riveted to the screen as this crazy man named Tony takes you from Doughman to Ripped Man…or woman. You think it can’t possibly be that easy…or it can’t possibly work that well. I know…I was right there with you, saying the same thing.

But I got to thinking…

Having been overweight since about age 4, and having done a lot to overhaul my body since adolescence, there’s still some of me that needs to go. And nothing seemed to work. Not having a trainer, not keeping a food journal–however short lived it may have been (and that’s because I was gaining weight in spite of cutting back)…nothing. So I thought, why not? I knew I could do the workouts…well…could at least attempt them and live to tell about it.

And I did. I lost inches and got results by cycling through these 90 days of working out several times since then–all without changing what I was eating…because I tend to eat a pretty healthy diet anyway.

After this last round, though, I did some measuring and saw that things had stalled.

Al and I talked about actually doing the food plan once this semester ended, just to see what would happen. I told him I’d like to start even earlier, because I didn’t want to stop the progress.

So tomorrow, we start Phase 1 all over again…and incorporate the food plan.

Holy hell.

I’m not sure I can eat that much protein (7 servings, people) in one day. I don’t like meat that much. Granted, there are work arounds in the protein department so that I can have meat but not go all Atkins. And you do get fruit and one serving of carbs…and veggies, which I needed more of anyway. It’s really not a crazy food plan like Atkins was. (And can I just say I’m glad the low carb thing is OVER?)

But the other thing, too, is the fact that I don’t eat that much food…not what Tony suggest I should in terms of caloric intake. At least I don’t feel like I do…

Plus, I suck at a food journal. It lasts for a week and then it’s done. So this time, I’m keeping a food/exercise journal and writing something everyday…including my mood or insecurities or fears about not being able to do this…or doing it and not seeing the pay-off.

I guess the latter is my biggest fear.

Of course, they say that once you make a commitment, it’s best to go public…or at least tell a few people so you are more likely to remain accountable. So I’m going public to all 8 of you who read this thing 😉

We’ll see how it goes. And I’ll keep you posted.

Also, did I mention I have a heel spur that limits physical activity? Great timing.

It starts tomorrow…or continues I guess…this rewriting of my body’s health history. But before then, one last spot of ice cream. For it is my eternal weakness.